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    The volleyball team of the business School won a good result in the "Freshmen Cup" competition of Henan University
    Author:英国威廉希尔公司 摄影:孙亚男 赵杨 编辑:刘越 审核:王梦     Date:2020-11-18    Read Points:

    The "Freshmen Cup" volleyball match of Henan University officially kicked off on Nov. 9. After four days of group matches, the Shangyuan volleyball team won four of the four matches and won the first place in the group to advance to the next stage. After three rounds of competition with other groups, the volleyball team of our college finally got the third place in Jinming Campus.
    On November 15, the business school volleyball team went to Minlun school district to participate in the school-level finals, and marxism school for five or six. The game began, both sides of the stadium filled with spectators, cheering the sound of one after another. Athletes are full of blood and passion, to sweat on the field, the wonderful performance won bursts of cheers. Our team members serve steady fast and have a very strong attack, attack fast and powerful and unexpected, steady and solid defense, can not find a loophole. Under the professional guidance of the coach, each team member has given play to their own strength, compared with the style, the competition out of the level. In the end, the team of our college won the match 2-0, defeated The College of Marxism, and won the fifth place in the "Freshmen Cup" of Henan University.
    In the competition, the players of our college actively carry forward the spirit of unity and hard work, carry forward the spirit of unity and enterprising, and show the energetic and positive spirit of our students with the unique charm of volleyball.

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