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Business school held a meeting to explain the exemption policy
Author:     Date:2020-11-05    Read Points:

In order to help students clarify our college's exemption policy, on the afternoon of November 4th, business School held an interpretation meeting on the exemption policy for undergraduates in the conference room 109. The interpretation meeting was given by Wang Meng, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of the College and a counselor of the class of 2018. Some undergraduates of the class of 2018 attended the interpretation meeting.

At the meeting, Wang Meng introduced the detailed rules of undergraduate students' promotion and exemption, and combined with the situation of promotion and exemption in recent years, comprehensively and carefully explained the conditions, assessment methods, quota allocation and other specific policies, and analyzed the new changes of the promotion and exemption policy and the problems that students need to pay attention to. Afterwards, Wang Meng discussed the relevant contents of the policy and answered the questions raised by the students one by one, so as to help the students have a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of the policy.

The smooth holding of the interpretation meeting makes the students of 2018 have a clearer understanding of the school's policy of exemption and promotion, which is of great significance for stimulating students' learning motivation and clarifying their future efforts. I believe that students will be able to have a firm belief, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, wish to enter the ideal university for further study.

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