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Business school holds table Tennis Competition for freshmen in 2020
Author:     Date:2020-11-01    Read Points:

In order to arouse students' enthusiasm for sports, the welcome table tennis match was held in the lobby of the first floor of the Business School on the morning of October 31st, organized by the Culture and Sports Department of the Student Union of the Business School. 24 students from all majors of grade 2020 participated in the competition.

This competition is divided into men's group and women's group, adopt knockout competition system, in the form of singles. Adhering to the principle of fairness, fairness and openness, the competition is proceeding in an orderly manner under the organization of volunteers. Players bingzhuo "friendship first, competition second" the spirit of the competition, full dedication, in the field of fierce competition, serve swing, forehand backhand, excellent smash, table tennis in the air to draw a beautiful arc. Their skills, agile movements, won the cheers of the audience, the game ended in a passionate but joyful atmosphere. After fierce competition, Li Duanyang and Bao Changlin won the first prize, Wang Yijia and Xiao Yubo won the second prize, And Zhang Jiaxue and Sun Ruiguang won the third prize.

This competition provides a platform for students to show themselves, showing the vigorous youth style and positive spirit of our students, at the same time, improving the awareness of exercise, strengthening the cohesion and cohesion between students, creating a positive, unity and friendship campus atmosphere.

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