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Professor Shi Xianwang from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law was invited to give academic lectures in our college
Author:     Date:2020-10-22    Read Points:

In order to explore the reform of personnel training mode for accounting majors in the new era and the new business background and improve the quality of education and teaching, on the afternoon of October 21st, the academic lecture on "How to deal with the challenge of Information Technology under the background of great wisdom Shift cloud" was successfully held in the lecture Hall 109 of Business School. Professor Shi Xianwang, doctoral supervisor of Accounting School, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, was invited to give the lecture. Some teachers and graduate students of accounting Department of our school listened to the lecture. Li Zhiqiang, associate dean of the School of Business, chaired the lecture.

First, ShiXianWang around under the background of "big wisdom moving cloud accounting how to deal with the challenges of information technology," this one theme, from "the jingdong 3 q", using the jingdong "real-time, accurate and efficient" service points out the advantages of information technology on the impact of the current accounting profession, said only with business flow, cash flow and information flow "third-rate -" as the means of reform, in order to "understand the business and technology" for the accounting personnel training goal to better breakthrough, keep up with the development of The Times. As for talent cultivation, he pointed out that the focus of accounting industry should shift from traditional bookkeeping to the control of enterprise value management and fund movement, and stressed that teachers and students need to expand the accounting perspective from the narrow sense to the overall perspective of the enterprise. In the end, he concludes, the task of the current accounting is based on the concept of "general" as a guide, implementation of accounting reform, and will be integrated into the management accounting, financial accounting, he called on the students always have "one industry goods, and process control of accounting thoughts, realize accounting work from separation to integration, the background to the front desk, the transition of the passive to active.

At the interactive stage of the meeting, Shi Xianwang gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the teachers and students, such as "fund flow and property support" and "accounting nature", and the atmosphere was warm.

The lecture given by professor shi not only points out the disadvantages of traditional accounting, let the teachers and students to the accounting industry development present situation and the challenges of a more clear understanding, pointed out the accounting profession more tifert's new study direction, to the cultivation of accounting professionals as well as the characteristics of the teaching team construction and development has important significance.

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