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Business school will hold the 7th Henan College Students logistics Simulation Design Competition Campus seletion of Henan University.
Author:     Date:2020-10-16    Read Points:

On the morning of October 14th, the 7th Campus selection competition of Henan University College Students Logistics Simulation Design Competition was held in room 502 of Business School. Wu Bei, product manager of Henan New Century Top Electronic Technology Co., LTD., Dong Wen, director of Science and Technology Innovation and Social Practice Department of the School Youth League Committee, and Yuan Yuan, director of practice and Education Department of the School Administration Office, were invited to act as judges of the competition. There are five teams taking part in the competition.

The competition was carried out in a team competition mode. The participating teams explored the practical problems of logistics production and presented solutions through the operation and research of virtual simulated logistics enterprises. The participating teams first presented the design of the solutions, and then the judges asked questions and made comments on the spot. In the demonstration process, each team put what they have learned into practice and demonstrated and expressed in the form of PPT. They took the warehousing operation plan, outbound operation plan and distribution operation plan as the entry point, and applied the theoretical knowledge learned in class to optimize the plan in storage, operation, management and other aspects to the maximum extent. At the end of the demonstration, the judges asked questions and commented on the contestants, pointing out the deficiencies in the contestants' proposals and giving valuable Suggestions. After a fierce competition, Unity team and Mingde team won the first prize, while Tiger Team, Organization said City team and Mario team won the second prize.

This competition held, effectively improve the students' ability, planning and design ability, organization and management ability, team cooperation ability, and in the hospital personnel training mode, teaching method and content made a valid attempt, is a helpful exploration, practice and teaching cooperation in our hospital logistics management professional teaching reform, to train the logistics talent team play demonstration and leading role.

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