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    Henan university successfully held a seminar on "innovation and sustainable development of agricultural products supply chain driven by china-uk cooperation".
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    On The morning of April 19, by The Agri - Tech China Network +, Rothamsted Research, TheScience and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and henan university, henan university business school to undertake "china-uk cooperation big data driven agricultural products supply chain of innovation and sustainable development" seminar held in The school hall on The second floor. UK business school at the university of bedfordshire Ramakrishnan Ramanathan, a professor at Yanqing professor Duan, the university of Kent business school Wantao Yu, hunan business school professor fu-hua huang, dean of insead, henan grain economic association, vice President of professor ChangSunHongLing, journal of henan university professor editor jstars prince, Henan university business school dean king jade professor, Shanghai pigeon information technology co., LTD., chairman wang yong, henan YanJin County tivoli agriculture co., LTD., general manager of cloud wenkai, henan association secretary-general Lu Qiuyi supply chain, mai di brand consulting co., LTD. Shanghai Deng Gongbin and so on more than 40 experts from home and abroad and business people attended the meeting, the meeting shall be presided over by xin-gong li, vice President of the school.

    Wang said that he would like to express his gratitude and welcome to all the guests. He then introduced the situation of business school and the arrangement of this meeting, and wished the conference a complete success.

    The meeting is divided into two stages: keynote speech and high-level dialogue. During the keynote speech stage, Ramakrishnan Ramanathan Shared "Impact of Big Data innovation in logistics and supply chains", Yanqing Duan Shared "Big Data and Internet of Things for agri-business innovation", Wantao Yu share "Data - driven supply chains, sustainability, innovation, and financial performance", jstars prince Shared "Specialized Villages Agglomeration and Rural Development in China", fu-hua huang share "fresh agricultural products logistics system construction" together, Wang yong introduced how to reform "of China's agricultural industry chain", the king of sex jade sharing "solve the problem of rural credit rationing scheme of an academic framework", hong-ling sun share of wisdom "national center of zhengzhou city construction under the background of agricultural products market network system research", jian-fei li share of "mobile Internet community support agriculture mode innovation, based on the practice of core cane is a bit field", such as subject, let all of the teachers and students benefit a lot. High-level dialogue stage, Li Erling, Wantao Yu, liu guided wave, Lu Qiuyi, wang yong, ji-cheng zhang, Yang Jiehui around such as "agricultural products supply chain under the background of tertiary industry fusion both opportunities and challenges" extensive and in-depth discussions about the theme. The conference has selected three outstanding achievements: the research on the construction of the joint logistics system for fresh agricultural products of huang fuhua, the "litany business model" of li jianfei and the "Network-MCDM DEA" by li rui. A Network DEA Approach in MCDM context and An Application to Study the Intermediary Role of Innovation on the link between Environmental Regulations and Performance ". Finally, Dr Wantao Yu's closing speech.

    The successful holding of this seminar has strengthened the academic exchange and cooperation of the college, which is conducive to the further improvement of scientific research level.

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