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    The 11th international conference on operation and supply chain management was held at henan university.
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    On July 17, the 11th international conference on operation and supply chain management (ICOSCM 2017) was held in henan university. The meeting was jointly organized by henan university business school, modern logistics research institute of henan university, international supply chain and operation management association (ASCOM) and China Europe international business school. From the United States, Britain, Canada, Japan, Holland, Chile, New Zealand, Malaysia and China's nearly two hundred experts and scholars, government officials and business people gathered together, is "effectiveness and sustainable competition of entrepreneurial resource oriented supply chain management" is a broad and deep discussion.

    On the morning of the 17th, the opening ceremony of the conference was held in the lecture hall of the second floor of the business school. Kaifeng mayor hou hong, the President of henan university, professor Lou yuan gong, kaifeng vice mayor zheng zhonghua, Mr. Shang wenyan, chairman of the CPPCC, attended the opening ceremony. The academic and business representatives attending the conference mainly include: Georgetown university Kasra Ferdows professor, the university of bader ford Ramakrishnan Ramanathan, A professor at the university of Dayton Mark a. Jacobs, Ph.D., university of Nottingham, Kim Hua Tan, A professor at the university of Leeds Chee Wong, A professor of tal university of Chile, idea, wave, Mr Chavez, A professor at the university of Texas at Dallas Ching - chung Kuo professor, Yoshiki from the yokohama national university, Japan Matsui, professor James Madison university Ping Wang, a professor at massey university in New Zealand Bill Wang, Ph.D., a Dutch community project expert professor Christiaan DE Goeij supply chain finance, central Europe - director of the center for global supply chain and the service innovation, the China Europe international business school professor Zhao Xiande, professor xueyuan liu, chairman of the international society for supply chain and operations management, renmin university of China professor Song Hua, vice President of the school, economic Long Yong associate dean of business administration, chongqing university, professor, Ningbo university of Nottingham, Hing Kai Chan, a professor at chongqing jiaotong university, dean of the school of economy and management mao-zeng xu, a professor at the university of international business and economics professor qi YiNa, vice President of the school, business school of hunan, dean of the school of business administration fu-hua huang, a professor at the school of management, zhejiang university, professor HuoBaoFeng Li Yina of south China university of technology school of management professor, professor wang zhiqiang, zhengzhou modern logistics center co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, Mr Guo-long zhang gen Czech President Mr Wen Jianjun supply chain, henan bonded group vice President, ms Han Aijuan ant gold supply chain finance director Mr Song Xiao; Mr. Yang hongxing, director of supply chain finance of haier group, Mr. Wang qimeng, general manager of futian group, Mr. Yang jianguo, founder of the living room, etc. The opening ceremony was presided over by professor wang yu-yu, dean of the school of business of henan university.

    In his speech, Mr. Lou extended warm welcome and sincere thanks to the participants. He briefly reviewed the history of henan university for over 100 years. Henan university in recent years are introduced into the national development strategy, to deal with regional major requirements, service work has been done in social and economic development, focus on the business school in support of free trade area of henan, zhengzhou airport economic contribution in the construction of comprehensive experimental area; He hoped that all the guests at the meeting would be able to communicate and inspire each other and contribute to sustainable supply chain management research and practice.

    Hou hong, on behalf of kaifeng municipal committee and municipal government, welcomed the experts. She said in his speech, academic thought and wisdom is the important force to promote the development of regional industry, hope henan university scholars social economic development, actively participate in kaifeng ancient city, old school again hand in hand a new chapter. At the same time, she also hopes that the experts and scholars attending the meeting will be able to offer Suggestions and Suggestions for the construction of modern logistics industry in kaifeng city, aiming at the location conditions in the central region.

    Zhao Xiande pointed out that the annual operation and supply chain management meeting in Chinese and foreign universities and enterprises, with the help of influence is more and more big, the results of theory and practice of enjoying high reputation in the international community, the meeting is the collision between Chinese and western culture and academic thoughts, will greatly promote the development of modern logistics management and progress.

    In the subsequent assembly invited report, Ramakrishnan Ramanathan, Song Hua, Han Aijuan, Kasra Ferdows, Zhao Xiande, Mark a. acobs is big data for sustainable operation and supply chain management and the Internet of things, financial services institutions and Banks in the role of small and medium-sized enterprise financing, international logistics supply chain integration, and information of enterprise production network evolution, the influence of the study on innovation of supply chain, the cost of the supply base library enlightenment theme, such as excellent academic report.

    The conference also arranged such links as parallel meetings, symposiums, obstetrics dialogues, young scholars BBS, and dialogue among editors. In 19 parallel meetings, thesis covers the supply chain integration and innovation, sustainable supply chain, supply chain finance, operations and the technical management in the supply chain management, uncertainty and risk management, operation and quality management in supply chain, and so on. In two special Settings dialogue between production (industry - academic interaction discussion), LouYuanGong, zhong-hua zheng, Zhao Xiande, Kim Hua Tan, Chee Wong, guo-long zhang, Wen Jianjun, Han Aijuan respectively given up, such as politics, business perspective, is the modern international logistics center construction and urban development, business model innovation and design services for further communication and discussion. In the "supply chain finance" section, participants also discussed the video conference system and their counterparts in the United States, the Netherlands and Chile.

    On the afternoon of July 18, the closing ceremony of the conference was held in the lecture hall of the second floor of the business school, and everyone congratulated on the success of the conference and looked forward to the future development of the conference. The closing ceremony was presided over by li xingong, vice President of the school of business of henan university, and the speech by the dean and professor liu xueyuan. Also conducted paper award ceremony at the closing ceremony, the ceremony by Hing Kai, professor Chan chaired by professor Zhao Xiande, wang yu, professor, professor Long Yong and jian jun, chairman of the winners of certificates issued and bonuses, and look forward to you can have more and better research in operations management.

    "International conference on operations and supply chain management" is the world's scholars and operations management, supply chain management important platform of dialogue, the meeting has been successfully held 11 sessions, mainly by the world famous university business school.

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